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Typhoon Hagibis; how you can help

Typhoon Hagibis, one of the most powerful storms Japan has seen in recent decades has hit Tokyo, leaving destruction in its wake.

While the death toll is expected to be low (at least 20 confirmed as of writing) due to Japan’s well-developed infrastructure, over 800,000 households have been ordered to evacuate their homes and at least 170,000 households have been left without electricity.

While Japan has a stable economy, there is never enough help and funding during catastrophes like this.

We noticed that while there are multiple Japanese websites for sending donations, there do not seem to be any on an international mediums to do so. For any of you who might wish to directly contribute to the aid and recovery of the affected areas, we have compiled a short guide to navigate Yahoo! Japan’s donation site.

Please note that we are in no way affiliated with Yahoo! or any other fundraising organisation. We at HYPER JAPAN are simply trying to aid the crisis in any way we can.

You can access Yahoo’s fundraising page here: https://donation.yahoo.co.jp/detail/1630043/

Yahoo will currently match your donation, so every penny you send counts double.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a donation through Yahoo:

When on the page, click the big yellow button.

Unless you have a Yahoo! Japan account already (your foreign Yahoo! accounts won’t work), click the circled link to create a new one (you can use international Email addresses to create one)

Click the circled link to create an account via email.

Enter your email address, it didn’t let me use a “Yahoo.co.uk” address, but any non-Yahoo! international Email should work fine.

Enter the confirmation code you received through Email

Fill out your personal details, for the postcode, you can put 000-0000 if you live outside of Japan.

Ignore this bit if you don’t know what a “T-Point card” is, click the circled options.

Sorry for the confusing image, click the bottom option to avoid the registration for T-point

Terms and conditions

You can agree to the T&Cs and continue, however if you scroll down first you’ll notice the following options:

Make sure to untick these boxes if you don’t want to receive emails from Yahoo!Japan – in Japanese, click the yellow button to continue.

Enter your credit/debit card details, keep in mind that the donation value is in Japanese yen (roughly 100 JPY = 1 USD)

Thank you for donating!

For those who have read this far, thank you so much for your time and consideration. Any donations you make will be used to repair damage, to rescue and evacuate, and to re-home those affected the worst.

Other websites do also have donation services available, while we hope that there will be more internationally friendly mediums in the near future, maybe this can be of some guidance to anyone who wishes to make a difference as soon as possible.




images and screenshots from Yahoo!Japan

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